• 4 Mental Health Apps You Should Be Using

    by Caroline Ryther
    on Oct 8th, 2018

There’s an app for everything nowadays, from travel to shopping and entertainment, so why wouldn’t there also be apps that can help you look after your mental health and well being?

After all, with around 48.3 million adults in the United States facing a mental health condition each year—9.8 million of which are serious disorders that can dramatically affect the quality of your everyday life—it’s only natural that you can find apps online meant to improve and protect your mental health.

Of course, none of the applications we’ll list in this post can serve as a replacement for proper therapy with a certified consultant, but what they can do is help you cope with stress and problems that happen to everyone on a daily basis. These mental health apps mostly focus on meditation, hypnosis, and even cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and can provide you with a valuable support network.

1. Calm

Free for both iOS and Android, Calm was identified as Apple's "App of the Year" in 2017. Its main purpose is to help you reduce anxiety, sleep better, and feel happier by focusing on meditation, breathing, relaxation, and sleep. The app offers breathing programs, pleasant music, and sounds from nature that are perfect for de-stressing your mind and body. Calm is perfect for anyone new to meditation, but there are also programs more advanced users will benefit from. You get to choose your meditation sessions, which vary from three to 25 minutes.

2. Moodnotes

Available for iOS only, Moodnotes functions as a mood diary and thought journal, and uses CBT and positive psychology to improve your thinking habits. So, if you start having negative thoughts, Moodnotes will provide you with suggestions and useful advice that will steer you clear from those thoughts and help you relax. By tracking your mood and figuring out what triggers these “thought traps”, you’ll learn how to recognize them and avoid falling into them once again.

3. Pacifica

This app’s main goal is to teach you how to deal with daily anxiety and stress, and provide you with an incredibly supportive community of people going through similar feelings and situations as you. Similar to Moodnotes, Pacifica uses methods such as CBT and mood tracking—along with mindfulness meditation—to help you break cycles of negative feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. The app offers audio lessons and activities, and sets daily challenges that are meant to assist you in tackling anxiety one day at a time.

4. 7 Cups

Whenever you find yourself feeling lonely, stressed, sad, or worried, you can count on 7 Cups to be there for you. This app offers emotional support and online therapy for anyone struggling with anxiety and depression. You can talk to over 160,000 licensed therapists and trained listeners completely anonymously, 24/7. You can choose a listener based on either their experience or their specialties, such as panic attacks, bullying, eating disorders, relationship breakups, and so on.

If you or someone you know has depression or a mood disorder, make sure to act as soon as possible and contact Dr. Best and the Neuroscience Center team. With a carefully planned treatment, they will set you on the path to improvement.

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Author Caroline Ryther

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