• Surprising Signs That You're Depressed

    by Caroline Ryther
    on May 31st, 2018

Signs and symptoms of depression are debated, contradicting and sometimes very confusing. There are numerous different signs of depression, and it can be difficult to know what to look out for or what just to take notice of.

When we think of someone with depression, we frequently think of people with sleeping problems, who often appear unhappy, who is clearly lonely and looks like they forgot to tidy themselves up. Other stereotypes are associating depression with someone with no job, no social life, and maybe some kind of abuse or addiction. And yes, all of these could be signs and symptoms of depression, but they do not make up the complete diagnosis.

There are additional, more surprising signs of depression that need to be addressed because not doing so contributes to the unhealthy and dangerous stigma surrounding mental health issues. Here are a just a handful of them

1. Physical Pain

Physical pain is common in people with depression and could appear anywhere in the body: hip pain, joint pain, and back pain etc. Usually, the relation between pain and depression is a collective neurologic pathway, and that the worse the painful physical symptoms, the more severe the depression. If you have muscle pain, migraines, or other sources of pain more often than not, be aware as it could be a red flag of depression lurking beneath the surface.

2. Hardly Showing Feelings

Often people who struggle with depression come across as more apathetic rather than sad, lonely or unfriendly. When people seldom show any emotion, acting like they don’t care about themselves or others, they're showing that they have no motivation to feel or be in touch with themselves. It's a major indication of depression that can be easily unnoticed when you're searching for only the cartoonish signs of the disease.

 3. Narcissistic Tendencies 

Narcissistic people have an extreme need for attention and care, a huge sense of entitlement, and self-centered personality traits that go way beyond just posting a few selfies on social media. A narcissist is more than someone acting arrogant, it is a person with a distorted sense of identity and self. Narcissism and depression frequently go hand in hand, but are often unnoticeable to the untrained eye.

Can you or someone you care about recognize themselves in all these symptoms?  If you are worried about depression or developing depression you are more than welcome to contact us for a consultation:



Author Caroline Ryther

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