Is The Neuroscience Center right for me?

How I know this is the right medical practice form . . .

  • I suffer from chronic pain, depression, anxiety or mood disorders
  • I struggle with substance abuse
  • Family members have had a history of treatment-refractory illness
  • Standard therapies and treatment plans have failed me
  • I want to partner with my medical team to regain control of my life
  • I understand the team at the Neuroscience Center will assist me in filing for reimbursement from my insurance carrier, however the financial responsibility is mine and payment is expected when services rendered or as agreed

Insurance Disclaimer:

At The Neuroscience Center we strive for a personally responsible relationship where patient/family can fully partner with the healthcare provider who, in turn, is professionally concerned with quality of care and outcome. We do not bill insurance carriers directly and are not affiliated with any insurance plans or networks. Even though we are “out of network” providers we will give you documentation which can be submitted to insurance companies for potential reimbursement including: pre-certification forms; Letters of Medical Necessity; and an insurance carrier approved claim form containing diagnosis and billing codes.

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